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UPS Teamsters and the Sean O’Brien Sham

Philosophical Questions of Autism Spectrum Disorder

I Wrote a Book

Reassessing Social Fascist Theory with Special Consideration for Zionism

Review of Divided World Divided Class

Doctor Burgis, Doctor Stock, and Bourgeois Intellectual Trends

Some Marxist Arithmetic

Response to Rainer Shea on China and Imperialism

Historical Revisionism Concerning Reformists

How China Aids US Imperialism

Bogus Prosperity and Crisis Theory

Notes on Money and Inflation

Who are Friends, Who are Enemies of Autistic People? Response to J. Garcia

Dialectics and Politics of America

Who Wants War with Iran?

Walter Mignolo on Decoloniality: Trojan Horse of Anti-communism

Ernst Thaelmann on the Eve of Fascism: Translation

The Significance of the Minimum Wage

Soviets v Structuralism: Translation

Proud Boys: Terrorist Appendage of the US Bourgeoisie

Soviets v John Dewey: Translation

V. F. Asmus on Early Greek Philosophy up to Heraclitus: Translation

Systems Theory: Philosophic Innovation or the Same Old Eclecticism?

How Far Can CPUSA Sink?

Mao and Deng: Irreconcilable Opposites

MMT Should Not Be Taken Seriously

The Farce of Non-reductive Materialism

The Dialectic Conception of Cybernetics: Translation

Herbert Hörz on Dialectics and Science: Translation

The MAGA Riot and the Liberals

Paul Cockshott: An Intellectual for Imbeciles

Materialism and the Problem of Universals

Feuerbach on Spiritualism and Materialism and Free Will: Translation

Why Jacques Lacan is an Idealist

More Discussion of the Laws of Dialectical Development

Summary of the Sex and Gender Discussion

Notes on Hegel’s Logic

Janice Raymond Parodies Feminism

Soviets versus Wittgenstein: Translation

The Logic of Womanhood: Response to Julie Bindel

Why Richard Wolff is Not a Marxist

The Dialectic of Theory: Translation

Misconceptions About Dialectics

Notes from Capital Vol. 2

Survey of the Two Party System in the US—End Tailism!

On Ideology and Literature: Translation and Comments

Inequality of Global Exchange or Inequality of the Development of the Productive Forces on the Global Scale?: Translation

Soviets versus Popper: Translation

The Labor Aristocracy, the Petty Bourgeoisie, and the Future

Courte Réponse sur Rimbaud

Radicalizing Liberals or Liberalizing Radicals?

Soviets versus the Frankfurt School: Translation

Soviets versus Husserl: Translation

Soviets versus Sartre: Translation

Decolonial Theory: Modern Day Narodism

The Current Political Situation in the US and the Forthcoming Presidential Election [off-site]

Comments on Pol Pot and Communist History

Autism and the Politics of Disability

Study Guide on the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

The Materialism of Gender Redux

Joe Sims Turns Lenin Into a Liberal, CPUSA Wallows

How Left Communists Aid Zionism

Bob Avakian: Premier Bonehead of American Communism

Once More on « Left-Wing » Transphobia

CPUSA and the Ideological Black Hole of « Leftism »

Social Democrats and Liberals: Relation to Fascism

CPUSA: How Not to Fight Fascism

Democratic Socialism is Abuse of Reality

Courte Déclaration sur Staline

Comments on Fascism and Antifascism

Simulating Theory: Review of Nihilist Communism

UPS Teamsters and American Unions

Imperialist Feminism: Material Foundation of Gender Critical Ideas

Capitalist Party of Great Britain – Marxist Leninist

Resources on Trotskyist Revisionism

Settlers by J Sakai: Un-Marxist Nonsense

Notes on Libertarianism

On Zizek, Psychoanalysis, and Marxism

Qu’est-ce que j’ai lu cette semaine? (Avril 14-20 2019)

Qu’est-ce que j’ai lu cette semaine? (Avril 7-13 2019)

On Pseudo-intellectualism

Qu’est-ce que le socialisme?

Nietzsche et la Ruée vers l’Afrique

Burkina Faso: Modèle de l’Impérialisme Moderne:

La Grande Séduction et la Rêve Perdue: